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Thank you for being so open,
I hung onto every word

                                                           The AA

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Trusted to support healthy minds by business big & small

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people now consider
stress a way of life

4 in 5

Certified Coaching & Workshops to fit your business. Our proactive approach to employee wellbeing engages your team in an interactive, enjoyable & educational way:

- Encourage Conversations
- Spot Signs Early  
- Building Resilience and Stress Awareness
- Conscious Leadership and Wellbeing
- The psychology of wellbeing
- Create 'Workplace Action Plans'

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Proud to coach leading teams...


It's wonderful that proceeds go back to mental health research

- Head of  People, Jack Wills

Wonderful session. The ideas, stories & practices will stay with me for a long time - thank you

High impact

Our coaching complements a holistic strategy to wellbeing at work with high impact & sustainable benefits including:

- Raise awareness for the importance of wellbeing among the team
- Empower colleagues to value, protect & improve their mental health
- Promote the 'language' of mental health across all your the team

My story

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On October 18, 2016, I collapsed during a sales meeting. I lost my breath & shortly after I lost consciousness. I suffered a severe panic attack brought on by stress at work

A year later, my team & I began an intrepid mission to help improve & protect mental wellbeing in the workplace

George Kiley, Founder  020 88193122

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